United Nations Peace Envoy, Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple, called for immediate ceasefire between the Israeli and Palestinian:


Peace Envoy of the UN, Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple, called for immediate ceasefire between the Israeli and Palestinian:

Amb. Agim Godwin Apple – Universal Peace Federation, Finland

Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple, acting as a Global Peace Envoy for the Universal Peace Federation, has called for the United Nations to enforce a ceasefire between Israel and Palestine.

According to the Nigerian Finnish citizen, Ambassador Agim, the goal is to halt the ongoing hostilities and promote peace in the region.

Ceasefire agreements aim to create a temporary suspension of military activities and provide an opportunity for diplomatic negotiations and dialogue. Ambassador Agim said.

They can be crucial in deescalating conflicts and saving lives.

However, the power to enforce a ceasefire lies primarily with the parties involved in the conflict and the regional powers that exert influence over them.

The United Nations can play a significant role in mediating negotiations, facilitating peace talks, and urging parties to stop hostilities.

It can also provide humanitarian assistance, support peacekeeping missions, and advocate for a peaceful resolution.

He said the situation between Israel and Palestine is complex and deeply rooted in historical, political, and territorial disputes.

Resolving the conflict, Amb. Godwin Apple, said it’s requires comprehensive efforts from all parties involved, as well as international support and diplomacy.

Ambassador Godwin Apple, also advised the public jingles on social media, of the important to stay updated on the latest developments through reliable news sources and official statements from relevant organizations to understand how peace negotiations progress and what actions are being taken to deescalate tensions. He said.

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