BREAKING NEWS: United States to issue visa ban on individuals if War offensive continues in Gaza: -President Joe Biden

President Joe Biden of the United States of America

The President of the United States of America, President Joe Biden, has called for a total stop to violence against people in the West Bank in an address on Saturday, signaling that the United States is prepared to issue visa bans, and again committed to pursuing a two states for Palestinians and Israel in the West Bank.

Hintusmedia In order to ensure a long lasting solution for the war-turned brothers, a two-state solution is the only way forward.

President Biden, says that those that may be affected by his new order are the individuals instigating continue violence in the West Bank

TheIsraeli Defence Forces IDF hasbeenon a ground offensive in Gaza to engage in a close contact battle that will lead to the release of the civilians hostages by the Hamas led group.

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