University of Calabar Implements Price Adjustments for Campus Services and Goods: News

University of Calabar Implements Price Adjustments for Campus Services and Goods

In a recent development aimed at improving student welfare, Vice Chancellor of the University of Calabar (UNICAL), Prof. Florence Banku Obi, has announced a comprehensive review of prices for essential commodities and services on campus. Following extensive consultations with stakeholders including students, food vendors, and business operators, the university management is committed to enhancing student well-being.

Under the leadership of Prof. Florence Obi, the initiative demonstrates a proactive approach to address economic challenges faced by students. Effective from May 20, 2024, the revised prices aim to offer affordable options without compromising quality.

Key highlights of the price adjustments include:

(1) Meals:
A plate of garri and soup with one meat/fish/fleshy kpomo will now cost #500, while a plate of rice or rice and beans with similar accompaniments will also be priced at #500, ensuring access to nutritious meals at reasonable prices.

(2) Transportation:
Shuttle services from locations such as the library or Law Faculty to the main gate will be available for #50, facilitating convenient campus movement.

(3) Academic Services:
Photocopying services with NEPA light will be charged at #25 per page, and typing services at #100 per page, making academic resources more accessible to students.

(4) Drinks:
Guinness malt will be sold at #500, and Dubic and other malts will be competitively priced, ranging from #450. Various drinks like plastic Coke, Pepsi, will be sold for #350.

(5) Water:
Both sachet water (#20) and bottled water (#200) will be available at affordable rates, promoting hydration and well-being among students.

(6) Barbing Services:
Barbing services with NEPA light or generator will be offered at #300, ensuring grooming services are accessible.

Non-compliance may result in sanctions, including eviction, as the university upholds standards of discipline and orderliness.

In conclusion, the University of Calabar’s decision to adjust prices demonstrates a proactive and student-centric approach, fostering a conducive learning and living environment. This move is poised to benefit the entire university community and underscores UNICAL’s commitment to student welfare.

Prof. Egaga Ikani Patrick, Chairman of the Students’ Welfare Board and Director of SERVICOM, extends gratitude for cooperation and assures stakeholders of continued efforts towards enhancing the university experience.

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